Update for Summer / Fall 2020

Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy has always worked to support families. We understand the stress, difficulties, and concerns parents may be experiencing regarding the choice to return to school. After much thought and deliberation, the Academy board has made a decision regarding tuition and enrollment. If you are not ready to return, but want to secure your spot: Parents will need to continue to pay half tuition to hold a spot until August 1st. In August, the board will review the status of COVID-19 and news from SBISD to announce a start date. At that time full tuition will resume. If you would like to withdraw your child/children: A two weeks’ notice is required, and your account will be assessed. We will notify you how tuition will be processed. Please know that if you choose to withdraw your child, the spot will not be saved. Please notify the Academy of what your family has decided by Monday, June 15th. Though we do not want to lose any of our families, we have to make tough decisions to help the academy survive this crisis and continue operating when it has passed. If you decide to leave, we hope to welcome you back in the future. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in this matter. If you have any questions, please call 713.464.6660.