Update: Covid-19 Policy

Dear Parents, I would like to thank you for your support and feedback from our parent evaluations. As we begin this new year, I want to make you aware of the new changes and adjustments to our COVID-19 policies. Approved Changes:We have updated the COVID-19 Handbook. We will now more closely follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines. See Addendum here. New Hours starting Monday, February 1st: 7 AM – 6 PM Reusable lunchboxes and containers may now return. Please note we are asking parents to wash and sanitize lunch boxes weekly. […]


Carpool Lane for Drop-off & Pick-up

The carpool lane is working great! Please keep in mind that parents are not allowed to enter the building. • This will be a slow process, so we ask that everyone do their best to be patient, understanding, and prepared to wait.• Drop-off is 7:00 am – 8:00 am / Pick-up is 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.• If you need to drop off later or pick up earlier, give us a call and we will go get your children. Please do not make this a routine.• A name card will […]

Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy

Online Full-Day Support for K-5

If you have opted for online classes for the first semester of the school year, we can help. Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy will be offering a full-day program for our school-age students! Our goal is to help parents return to work or get more work done and get families back to regular schedules. The program allows children to come and do their online schoolwork in a classroom setting while being monitored by a teacher. This classroom will not mix with the after-school program in the evening. They will stay together […]

Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy

Update: July 2020

As we prepare for classroom promotions and a new school year, we want you to understand the options we have available. If you have decided to return, school starts August 17th. Teachers will be sending out information welcome packs with new guidelines and expectations. If you are not ready to return but want to hold your spot(s), you will need to continue to pay half-tuition. The board has reviewed the COVID-19 situation and will allow parents to stay enrolled with partial tuition. If you choose to withdraw, a two-week notice […]

Update for Summer / Fall 2020

Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy has always worked to support families. We understand the stress, difficulties, and concerns parents may be experiencing regarding the choice to return to school. After much thought and deliberation, the Academy board has made a decision regarding tuition and enrollment. If you are not ready to return, but want to secure your spot: Parents will need to continue to pay half tuition to hold a spot until August 1st. In August, the board will review the status of COVID-19 and news from SBISD to announce a […]